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We begin not only a new year, but also a new decade! On reflection, the past year was richly; intensely full of questioning, challenging, pushing, missioning, juggling and all that comes from the many hats I am sure you all wear. I had a laugh at myself recently when I contemplated the many hats that I wear in my [...]

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Whatever we think we can or cannot do, is exclusively limited to our belief system and internal programmes. It wasn’t until yesterday that I was able to truly understand what this actually means. My life (like most of us) is extremely full and predominantly guided by daily obligations and responsibilities. It has taken me years to fully walk in [...]

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10 – Mandy Myerson: Bring the change by being it

Seedpod 10 - Mandy Myerson: Bring the change by being it   For the past few years, Mandy has undergone a spiritual and professional metamorphosis having first made her name in the art world. Her own awakening inspired her to start her new company, or as she refers to it, a revolution that encourages people to become more conscious [...]

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With the very recent passing of my father, came a most unexpected gift. His death was the first very deep and incomprehensible loss I had ever experienced, yet it also gave me something that I could not have ever imagined receiving. As a young child, I was very close to my father and this remained a strong relationship [...]

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