Catch a wake up with a daily ginger shot

CATCH A WAKE UP WITH IMMUNE BOOSTING GINGER SHOTS INGREDIENTS   600g fresh ginger 400g fresh lemon or 4 lemons (if they are organic, don’t peel them) 200ml purified water (you can use more and this is optional) 4 heaped tsp powder turmeric or 24g fresh turmic x4 grinds of black pepper Juice [...]

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Rice & Mung Bean Ayurvedic Enlight

This is very tasty, delicious and nuturing. The recipe has evolved from my experience of a 14-day Panchakarma in Kerala, South India. It is full of diverse tastes and textures and a very mild introduction into richer flavors for the younger pallet. Feeds 5 hungry people Rice And Mung Bean Ayurvedic Enlight INGREDIENTS   [...]

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A Delicious Raw Chocolate Treat

SHARING MY FAVOURITE CHOCOLATE RECIPE My humanWaking has been a journey into play and the kitchen is a brilliant playground for exploring a touch of alchemy. Treasured and eaten ceremonially over 5000 years ago by ancient civilizations. Cacao “the food of the gods” is a hugely beneficial superfood. It has a rich supply of antioxidants called flavanols, a [...]

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