A quick check-in. How are you feeling today? I feel like I am sitting somewhere between a Sci-Fi movie and a social experiment. Allowing my mind to even attempt to navigate the surreal nature of it all is seemingly, in and of itself, unfair. Fully embracing "20:plenty" attitude, the year began with a sense of enormous promise, change [...]

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We begin not only a new year, but also a new decade! On reflection, the past year was richly; intensely full of questioning, challenging, pushing, missioning, juggling and all that comes from the many hats I am sure you all wear. I had a laugh at myself recently when I contemplated the many hats that I wear in my [...]

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Gratitude Letter

Nothing happens in isolation as I am learning (remembering), simply because everything is connected. It has been an amazing unfolding of 2017 as a result of Divine intervention, guiding and supporting a process, whilst bringing like-minded and hearted souls together, connected to something bigger than ourselves. A desire for change. The irony, I am learning, is that the [...]

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2017 has been a big year and it seems that everyone I have spoken to has echoed the theme of “intensity” to whatever his or her life hold. It certainly has been the case in the lab, kitchen, home and life of humanWaking. It has been a constant unfolding through experiments, play, concocting, growth, trust and lots of [...]

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