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Welcome to humanWaking

Imagine you feel energetic, awake, connected and whole. You are happy with how you look and more so about how you feel. You are grounded, your mind is clear, your mood is consistent calm and you find yourself enabled to respond rather than react to life and all its inevitable changes.

You are confident inside and out. This is not something that happens occasionally, but how you experience yourself each and every day. You are living the best version of yourself.

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Your health is and will always be your greatest asset. No matter how busy life is, unless you take care of what you have, you compromise your ability to evolve and express your fullest potential.

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Everything you do each and every day is an act of planting the seeds for your future self

Our testimonies

I entered this process with a lot of consideration, but I am not sure I was fully committed when I did so. Within three weeks Mandy has managed to make me feel motivated, create goals and achieve or begin to achieve my goals. Some of the process I questioned at first, but after each consultation with Mandy, I began to realise that every question asked was a way of opening up your mind to what really is behind habitual, unhealthy eating.

I think Mandy is a gifted health coach. I think that she can definitely help a person achieve their health goals over a period of time. I feel, however, that it is not an instantaneous or quick process, it will take time, but with Mandy’s coaching and support it can be achieved. I found Mandy‘s interpersonal skills to be of an extremely high standard, she knows exactly how to find what makes the person ‘tick’. She takes your cues and works with you to make the program specific to you. She is an exceptional health coach and she will enable you achieve your goals.

Lucie | 7.6.2021

When I came to Mandy it was with trepidation because I am essentially a very healthy eater and I exercise regularly. My issue is around my alcohol consumption, which increased over lockdown and has been bothering me. Mandy was very honest and explained that her role is as a health coach focusing on healthy eating and lifestyle but that she was happy to tailor the course for me.

During the 4 week course, Mandy coached me on so much more than I had expected. I am now writing a daily journal to better understand and document my highs and lows. The journaling has been a very cathartic and I plan to continue with this.

I had no idea how much caffeine I was drinking until I removed it from my diet and had severe headaches for an entire week. I have very bad salt cravings, Mandy suggested trying electrolyte tablets and it has helped a lot. I now also do my best to include some protein with all of my meals / snacks.

Aside from journaling I also now fill in a Daily Intention Setting document at the start of every week. This has helped me to gain a little more structure back into my life. I am also currently looking for some courses to do – I’d love to do the Wim Hoff Course and possibly a TRE course. I’m not sure I would have ever considered either if I hadn’t done this course.

Thank you Mandy for everything you have done for me and helped me with. What an incredible journey to have started.

Mandy has truly impacted my life (and my partners) in such a profound way.

At the start of my journey, I was completely emotional and feedup with my weight, lack of energy and negative mindset. All of these aspects have made a 180 degree shift and I feel more motivated than ever to continue the journey as a permanent lifestyle.

My energy has increased tenfold. My mindset, self-worth and the way in which I view food has changed drastically. I feel encouraged to pursue my health and constantly find ways to nourish my body in a way that best serves me.

I thank you Mandy, from the bottom of my heart, for “holding the space” while I unpacked so many different aspects of my health and life.

Thank you for your encouragement, wealth of knowledge, guidance and empathy.

Filled with zest for life once again!

Nicola | 21.6.2021

I definitely felt a change in how I handled my day after the meditation session. I feel I was able to cope better with the craziness of now, and even manage better through the week. I enjoyed the lovely way you lead the meditation and felt refreshed after each session.


I’ve always only woken up early to exercise, but never to meditate! I discovered a new empowering way to start the day. Mandy created such a warm and comfortable space, even though all sessions were online. I found the guided meditations and learnings interesting and I’m excited to develop my own meditation journey! Thank you Mandy! X


I’m completely new to meditation and Mandy is providing a safe and accessible space for me to experience, learn and practice meditation. I look forward to continuing the learning journey and unlock the power of meditation in my daily life.


Shift consciousness through food

What we consume and how we consume are all important and “feed” into how we also give back into the world, which is an integral part of the humanWaking journey. Here are a few tips to help you use food as a tool to shift consciousness!

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Shift consciousness through food

Focusing on why we do it

HumanWaking is passionate about bringing people back into connection, body, mind, heart and spirit. Our aim is to empower, inspire and activate humanity to reconnect, first and foremost to ourselves. When we are open to waking up to all of who we are, do we create the opportunity to truly step into our Gold.

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