Given that fellow humanWakings are likely to be blessed to eat at least three meals per day, We have consciously chosen to use food, a very basic need, as the starting point. This gives us 18 meals per week and 18 opportunities to use food as a tool to awaken consciousness and AWAKE living. What we consume and how we consume are all important and “feed” into how we also give back into the world, which is an integral part of the humanWaking journey.


Each snack has been lovingly hand crafted and abundantly filled with 12 superfood, raw, vegan ingredients

Recipes, news, advice and much more! Healthy & Awakening, right to your inbox.

We know you care about our planet as much as we do!

Awake Superfood Snacks are packaged in glass jars which makes it easy to refill and reuse for longer shelf life and to help you join the evolution by reducing packaging.

My unfolding journey has created a desire to share my experiences, not as an expert or anything other than as a fellow humanWaking. How and what we consume, from our thoughts, emotions, activities, experiences, purchases and, critically, our food, all play a vital role and have an impact on our planet.

Mandy Myerson 
– Founder of HumanWaking

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