What and also how we consume influence the pH value, which is the measurement of acidity or alkalinity in our body. Our body is naturally always striving for balance where we are not “too alkaline” or “too acidic”. The pH measures the concentration of hydrogen ion in the body and works to a scale of 1-14. A pH [...]

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Microgreens, nature’s immune booster

What we put into our body not only effects our physical but also our mental, emotional and spiritual well being. It really is simple. Did you know that hunger is the body's call for nutrients and it is the nutrients that give us energy. The only source being the food that we eat. Nutrients are essential for the [...]

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Tapping Into Inner Wisdom

As a constant consumer I regularly check in with myself on what, how and the quality of what I am consuming. From my purchases, thoughts, feelings, experiences, relationships, food and liquid. This is not something that I have always done; it has flowed from my humanWaking and me learning to listen to my inner wisdom. Our interaction with [...]

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HumanWaking Join The Evolution…

I am a woman I am a mother I am a deeply concerned human But first and foremost, I am a humanWaking I am travelling on a journey. The literal distance is not particularly far (yet at times has felt like miles). Only recently am I beginning to sense that I am truly getting closer. IT IS A JOURNEY [...]

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