What and also how we consume influence the pH value, which is the measurement of acidity or alkalinity in our body. Our body is naturally always striving for balance where we are not “too alkaline” or “too acidic”. The pH measures the concentration of hydrogen ion in the body and works to a scale of 1-14. A pH [...]

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Take me on a date…

We've been having a few sweet cravings since lockdown. 30 minutes with the help of another pair of small hands and these delicious energy balls were concocted. They are bound using dates, coconut oil and cacao butter. Quick date delights INGREDIENTS 1C dates finely chopped 3 tbsp coconut oil 2tbsp cacao butter 2tbsp roasted [...]

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Catch a wake up with a daily ginger shot

CATCH A WAKE UP WITH IMMUNE BOOSTING GINGER SHOTS INGREDIENTS   600g fresh ginger 400g fresh lemon or 4 lemons (if they are organic, don’t peel them) 200ml purified water (you can use more and this is optional) 4 heaped tsp powder turmeric or 24g fresh turmic x4 grinds of black pepper Juice [...]

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Rice & Mung Bean Ayurvedic Enlight

This is very tasty, delicious and nuturing. The recipe has evolved from my experience of a 14-day Panchakarma in Kerala, South India. It is full of diverse tastes and textures and a very mild introduction into richer flavors for the younger pallet. Feeds 5 hungry people Rice And Mung Bean Ayurvedic Enlight INGREDIENTS   [...]

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A Delicious Raw Chocolate Treat

SHARING MY FAVOURITE CHOCOLATE RECIPE My humanWaking has been a journey into play and the kitchen is a brilliant playground for exploring a touch of alchemy. Treasured and eaten ceremonially over 5000 years ago by ancient civilizations. Cacao “the food of the gods” is a hugely beneficial superfood. It has a rich supply of antioxidants called flavanols, a [...]

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