With the very recent passing of my father, came a most unexpected gift. His death was the first very deep and incomprehensible loss I had ever experienced, yet it also gave me something that I could not have ever imagined receiving. As a young child, I was very close to my father and this remained a strong relationship [...]

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What does winter mean to you?

The idea of winter invites us to slow down and turn inward, encouraging us to hold a quieter space and enjoy hibernating and resting. Is this what winter has meant for you or, like me, has life been moving at a pace that slows down for no season! This half way mark in the year is a great [...]

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You are amazing

A sharing from one fellow humanWaking to another… You are amazing - did you know that? My humanWaking is a journey to Self, and by this I mean learning about the multi-dimensional aspect of who I am and what it means to inhabit a body. To be alive is such a precious gift, one that most of us take [...]

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Tapping Into Inner Wisdom

As a constant consumer I regularly check in with myself on what, how and the quality of what I am consuming. From my purchases, thoughts, feelings, experiences, relationships, food and liquid. This is not something that I have always done; it has flowed from my humanWaking and me learning to listen to my inner wisdom. Our interaction with [...]

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