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What do you wish for in your life and what does it take to align your dreams  to your reality? 

What does it take to live a life embodied where the expression of who you are is fully aligned in all aspects of your life?

When we start to walk our talk, we are not only showing up in the world but we are also coming into right alignment and right relation within ourselves. 

There is a sense of liberation from becoming aligned with what you want by showing up in the thoughts you choose to entertain, the words you speak, the way you act, the company you keep, how you use your time, the honouring of your life however it may be.  

This alignment comes from the small things that accumulate as a result of each action, compounding into what we then experience as our life.  

From this place of alignment, we access our wholeness.

This wholeness is what we innately are, yet as a result of conditioning, stories and all these ancient programs instilled in the “software of our minds” there are aspects of us that have split or separated from that wholeness. 

There are two attributes that were once my biggest resistances and now my greatest allies. I am learning each and every day to show up more to who I am through the realization that these two attributes are powerful keys to accessing a fully embodied life


Where I have employed these “tools” in my life I witness an expansive, integral wholeness of myself. I also see this in the life of others that I admire and reference.

The starting point is to know your “why”. 

This creates purpose.

Being purpose led, anchors motivation. Our “why” becomes a powerful foundation to keep us motivated, particularly when our dominating minds (ego) take us on a ride to trick us into believing all the excuses and stories of “why I will start tomorrow’,  “that it is ok if I don’t show up today”. 

This purpose becomes anchored through behaviour. Every time we do something that reinforces our purpose, we are remembering and reprogramming our “software”.

Having a good reason to do something motivates us all to stay committed. However we loose that motivation when we forget our “why”.

Consistency are  the small things that we do in our lives to help support that commitment. This begins with how you wake up in the morning. The first thing we put into our body such as a hot water and lemon versus the coffee. 

I know in my own life that each of my small positive actions not only sets the tone for the day, but also gradually reinforces the life I am choosing.

Planning supports and anchors commitment and consistency. Without it, we tend to forget ourselves as we get caught up in all the automated actions of our outer lives. 

I invite you today to take a moment of reflection. 

  • Where are you out of alignment in what you want and how you act? 
  • What is your why and what purpose does it serve in supporting you thriving?
  • Where in your life can you be more committed to yourself?
  • What can you choose today to let go of that no longer serves you or bring in that will support your inner alignment?
  • All spaces get filled. What are you going to replace that which does not serve you with what does? A simple example could be using 15-20 minutes of social media time each day to sit quietly and meditate or walk in nature.
  • Can you put what you want into a plan? Reminders on your phone or clear dates in your diary with your chosen actions. 
  • How can you go about making a level of commitment to yourself so that in those moments when you succumb to your “lessor self”, you can choose again, and again enough times so that in time, you are able to let go of those programs and habits that no longer serve you and embrace more and all of who you truly are?