Everything is connected, every aspect of our being- body, heart, mind and spirit  and our connection to all of life outside of us. This is the “unity consciousness” or the “oneness” that you may have heard about. So seemingly abstract, and yet in fact simple.

Every aspect that makes me, Me, is in constant motion towards harmony, peace and love. In being in right relationship to myself which is true self love, where I acknowledge, honour and respect each and every part of me, I am understanding how I reflect those qualities and essentially energy out into the world around me.

It absolutely begins and ends with me in the same way that it does with you. We each have the capacity to transmute a situation, experience and outcome because all of it is energy.

Everything is energy. Your emotions, thoughts, matter. All energy.

Every aspect that makes me, Me, is in constant motion towards harmony, peace and love.

The journey is to come back into alignment.

To honour me when I am not in alignment. I do so in a holistic manner, for example, I don’t only focus on my body in order to heal an aching body part, but rather listen, look and feel where this pain is situated. I sit still, honour and acknowledge that pain and observe and explore the correlation of the pain in my body to the emotional aspect that might be unaddressed in another part of me.

Holding on can be a conscious or deeply unconscious act. Reciprocally, letting go is a choice.

I might not know or understand exactly what I am letting go of in my mind, but by choosing to let go of “whatever” is holding me back and keeping me blocked is the beginning of shifting/transmuting energy.

The body is your one physical barometer of everything else. You cannot see your mind, feelings or Spirit, yet you know they are there. Our Earth experience is the physical manifestation of the invisible or non-physical aspects of us. This is true for each of us as it is for all of life.

Each one of us is a golden thread intricately connected to the web of life. When the threads are strong, the web is strong. We are not separate and never have been. Now more than ever, we need to remember and reconnect.