1. Hunger is the body’s call for nutrients.

When we eat, we are feeding necessary minerals, proteins and carbohydrates into every cell of our being. If your body is not functioning optimally, how are you able to express the best version of yourself? Start becoming curious about how much nutritional value your meals actually have.

2. Check in with yourself on how you feel AFTER eating a meal.

Tune in and become conscious of how you feel and how your body reacts to the meals you are eating. Do you feel lethargic? Do you feel bloated? Is the quality of your sleep affected? Or do you feel light and energised?

3. Food shows us very clearly our addictions & habits.

Sometimes the last reason we are eating is for hunger! Are we feeling bored, frustrated, angry, insecure, or are we just on auto-pilot habits, like that morning coffee, bedtime choccy? Before you eat, be really honest with yourself about whether you’re actually hungry, or are you trying to fill another gap inside you that maybe talking to a friend, rest or conscious reflection might fill better. If you realise you have some unhealthy food habits, remember, It takes 28 days to break a habit. That is only 28 days. It may seem insurmountable when you are in the thick of it, but remind yourself that 28 days is a fraction of your life.

4. What is the quality, origins and environmental footprint of what we are eating and drinking?

Each meal and snack is an opportunity to make conscious choices about buying locally grown, seasonal, organic food. Let’s support these sustainable food suppliers so they can grow into our mainstream food source. Explore suppliers of food that use sustainable packaging too.

5. Your voice does count.

Write a letter to your municipality demanding recycling facilities, or speak with your local shops to request environmentally friendly packaging and household cleaning goods.

6. Support the end of single use plastic.

Carry reusable bags with you at all times for shopping. Metal straws are so easy to keep in ones bag, and that daily coffee can easily go in a reusable mug. Reusable water bottles are also something to keep on hand. When buying take-aways, demand non-styrofoam packaging, and give back all the unnecessary extra packaging.

7. Grow your own vegetables.

Even if you start with a pot plant, the process of watching a seed grow into your food creates a tender connection not only to yourself, but all of life around you.

8. We are all connected.

Our health and well-being is as important as the health and well being of our planet. Being kind to you will be an outpouring of love and kindness to our Earth.