One Day Retreat Reclaim yourself

We are offering a one day retreat held in a secret, beautiful location in Cape Town. A full day of nurturing all aspects of yourself, body, mind and spirit. This is an opportunity to give yourself one day of time and space to full anchor into what optimal health, stillness and getting big vision clarity looks like for you and your life

You will leave:

  • Brighter, lighter & more connected
  • A real sense of calm & inner peace
  • Inspired
  • With a selection of delicious, nutrient dense recipes
  • Rejuvenated & ready to take on the outer world

Schedule and itinerary

Nutritional focus throughout the day including nutrient dense breakfast, lunch & snacks

Hourly Schedule

Your day will include:

~ High frequency, nutrient dense & delicious food & drinks throughout the day ~ Masterclass on optimal nutrition and learning how to eat your way into top health ~ A massage ~ A gentle yoga session with breath awareness
~ A guided meditation to anchor you into stillness & generate inspiration & flow ~ A powerful intention setting process to activate you fully into your year ~ Peace and stillness
~Beautiful calm, restorative environment with space & time to be still & reconnect with yourself ~ Nurturing ~ Grounding & bringing you into deeper connection and inspiration

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