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Gratitude Letter

Nothing happens in isolation as I am learning (remembering), simply because everything is connected.

It has been an amazing unfolding of 2017 as a result of Divine intervention, guiding and supporting a process, whilst bringing like-minded and hearted souls together, connected to something bigger than ourselves. A desire for change.

The irony, I am learning, is that the “change” we wish to see, can only happen within ourselves. Yet the result, is so much bigger than anything we could possibly imagine, and possibly will ever fully experience.



My selected theme this year has been “non-attachment”. Given the choice to step into something completely new, with little first hand experience, it really has been a journey of trust and surrender.

Within this mix, I have continued my personal exploration of non-judgment. I have seen how this begins within myself and flows outwards.

Through all of this, I have given myself the permission to play.

My magnificent two little humanWakings that fill my life with such richness remind me daily that life is but a game. Us adults seem to have forgotten this.

Sitting here writing is a wonderful opportunity to stop for a moment and reflect on what has actually taken place this year. I have felt like a full time student, juggler and surfer of life on every level, and have embraced it fully.

The amplification of life in general, however, certainly has left me with little time to look back, and forced me to move forward with two feet on the ground – most of the time.

So as we complete 2017 and the (official) launch of humanWaking and AWAKE superfood snacks, I wish to thank some very special people who have been a part of the journey.



This is not meant to sound like a Grammy Award speech, but cannot help but acknowledge so many people who, in some way or form, have been a part of this journey.

My beautiful, enthusiastic, loving family. I love each and every one of you and so grateful for your patience, kindness and openness to change.

My partner and best friend, who has encouraged and supported me every step on the way, as I step into “the new”, thank you and I love you so very much.

No daughter can ever thank her mother enough. You are a constant teacher of giving unconditionally and always being there.

Shelley, my teacher. Filled with gratitude, as without you, this journey to Self would not have begun so fully and inclusively.

Cath, you have been my regular check-in and fellow humanWaking from the very beginning. You will be hearing more from this fellow hW in 2018!

Whilst Roger reminds me he is continuously “dematerializing”, whilst I have been materializing, we have managed to find ourselves always aligned. Thank you for your friendship, inspiration and enthusiasm. Another fellow hW that I hope will share more writing in 2018.

The design is all thanks to Michele who has been able to listen with complete attention and enthusiasm whilst translating the invisible into the visible. You are a true alchemist. Kelsey, our short interaction was another stroke of pure alchemy. Thank you!



We live in a permission Universe and a key law is to remember to ask. “Ask and you will receive”. Well after asking for a long time, only at the right time, four guardian Angels appeared.

First was Debbie, who has just joined the team at humanWaking with an arrival that can rival any best selling fiction story.

Pierre and Kaspar, you have been living, guardian Angels. This new adVenture, would have little “venture” without your guidance and activating tools. I cannot thank you both enough for your generosity of knowledge, wisdom, Spirit and help.

Adele has also recently joined the team on the sales and promotional side. Living the core belief that we can and should all thrive. Thank you for playing!

There are so many people who have formed threads in weaving this tapestry. From my dear friends to new friends, like Sacha whom I am so grateful for offering to coach and play with no attachment.

A huge thank you to team Failure Club, and especially Philip Kirkofe who has disrupted, held and elevated each and every one of us through an epic experience of learning to create big goals and cut through our fears that keep us thinking and living small. I have been so blessed to have met and played with each and every one of you.

Thank you to all the people who have tasted and supported the AWAKE superfood snacks so that we can grow and inspire others to “Use food as a tool to shift consciousness”.

Last and not least, I wish to thank Source, Great Mystery, name of a million names that has no beginning nor no end, yet binds all of life through creation. I am in constant gratitude and wish to continue to work for the best and highest good of all.

What is this all about?  Well, I had intended to share all the news, because to be fair, this was supposed to be a “newsletter”, but what I have realized in writing this, is that at the end of it all, none of the facts and figures will ever mean as much. It really is all about embracing the journey, whatever that might be for you.

Right now, I cannot seem to get beyond the love.