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HumanWaking Join The Evolution…

I am a woman

I am a mother

I am a deeply concerned human

But first and foremost, I am a humanWaking

I am travelling on a journey. The literal distance is not particularly far (yet at times has felt like miles). Only recently am I beginning to sense that I am truly getting closer. IT IS A JOURNEY FROM MY HEAD TO MY HEART.

We have become so deeply disconnected from our relationship to our planet Earth, who is the life-blood of our very existence. We cannot survive without her but despite this we relentlessly destroy and exploit Earth’s natural resources (from air, water and soil to wildlife and forests).

She does not need us – we need her. It is time to wake up.

If we cannot connect to ourselves, how can we have the awareness to connect to all of life around us?

I am a deeply passionate lover of all aspects of life and have found myself constantly in search of more gentle ways in which my family and I can live in our world. In becoming more conscious of our actions, we find ourselves making new choices, guiding us into becoming more active contributors towards positive change.

It is a waking up of BODY, HEART, MIND and SPIRIT.

I call this humanWaking.

Ultimately each one of us is an integral thread in the web of life. What we do and how we live within it really does matter. Becoming a more conscious human being is a process of waking up and remembering.

If I begin to take responsibility for my actions each and every day, I believe that I can begin to make a difference.

One step, one action, one person at a time.

My unfolding journey has created a desire to share my experiences, not as an expert or anything other than as a fellow humanWaking.

There are so many constant “wake-ups”, so I found that starting with the basics in terms of what and how I consume to be a powerful and effective starting point, which in turn initiates giving back.

How and what we consume, from our thoughts, emotions, activities, experiences, purchases and, critically, our food, all play a vital role and have an impact on our planet.


Because each one of us is inter-connected with all of life. What is out of balance in One, is out of balance in the Collective.

This is something that we have forgotten and in forgetting who we are, we have forgotten who we are in relation to everything else. Connected.

Having founded and run a successful art consultancy for 15 years, I began to really question my life and greater purpose. I started challenging my behaviour patterns and belief systems and was drawn to start taking active steps in my life that would contribute towards a positive, abundant healthy Earth and future.

I set out on an inner journey to heal Me. Mother to two young girls has been an enormous driving force, which has led me on a journey to connect to mySelf, our magnificent Planet, holistic living and real food that is nutritious, activating and free of chemicals.

This is a life time journey but one which my whole family are stepping into as fellow humanWakings.

So where do you begin?

In our frenetic, fast paced daily experience we are often left with a feeling that many things in our lives are out of our control.

When it comes to what we put into our bodies,

we CAN control what we eat and drink.

This decision starts in making a choice about where we shop and what we put in our trolley. What we place into our fridge and cupboards is the food our family is going to eat, simple as that.

As a result of being more mindful about what we as a family eat, I have been able to learn so much about nutrition (the information of which is literally at our finger tips). As well as changing how we consume by using environmentally friendly detergents for our home, waste management and actively recycling.

My research into food has contributed tremendously towards my growth in consciousness and as a result, I was inspired to create real, whole food recipes for on the go snacks that are genuinely nutritious.

And so my exciting and life affirming experience of humanWaking continues and

my greatest desire is to inspire you to begin to explore the humanwakings within You, and join the evolution.