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This morning I woke up with these thoughts swirling around my mind. It started with the saying attributed to Einstein, “the epitome of madness is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different outcome.”

My thought was “want a different outcome, change the approach”.  

When we really want to change something in our lives, and more so, when we can see glimmers of that outcome, we need to step into approaching our life in a way that aligns to that outcome. If what and how we are doing things is keeping us where we are at, then without shifting our “way”, nothing is going to change. The reality is that underneath all of it, we often hold enormous resistance wrapped in fears of our own making. 

My way, for what it is worth, is to play. I don’t look at change as something that, “I have to do” or “something that happens to me,” because both approaches will create instant resistance. What about playing with the idea “wouldn’t it be fun to try something different?” Or in my case, I get to the point of feeling somewhat bored with hearing myself desire a different outcome. So much so, that the proverbial penny drops: “nothing is going to change if I don’t shake things up a bit”. 

Look at your children and how they play. They are growing and learning constantly, all through play. Look at your dog and how excited she gets for that daily walk. She is no doubt getting fitter and looking better, but do you think she is even looking. Of course not! Her focus is on fun, taking time out to breathe in the fresh air and a change of scenery. Her result becomes a by-product of her actions.

The key to removing pressure – because we all have enough of it already – is to focus on one thing at a time. Any other way, takes me straight into overwhelm and that typical “freeze” mode where nothing happens.

Life is a journey and how we choose to move within and through it is so much about perspective. 

“Change the way you look at something, and that which you look at, changes” – Max Planck. 



With that said, if you want to realise your wellness vision, this is the time to reframe your approach and what it requires of you. All you need to do, is show up. How you show up is in your choosing. It can be heavy and obligatory, or it can be fun, where each action can be seen through the eyes of play.


  • Make a note of what is important to you and write it down
  • Create time each day to do something small that is fun and playful whilst enriching your health and wellbeing
  • Remember to dance, to skip once in a while, to laugh at yourself
  • Look at life with the curiosity held in the innocence of a child
  • Learn to reframe negative thoughts so that you can see the silver lining or opportunity to grow in each experience
  • Choose consciously in every moment
  • Find people or groups to support you in creating the change you want to create – you never have to do it alone. This can be a walking group, coaching, free style movement, swimming etc.
  • Be kind to yourself

Choose to embrace the spirit of play!