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2017 has been a big year and it seems that everyone I have spoken to has echoed the theme of “intensity” to whatever his or her life hold. It certainly has been the case in the lab, kitchen, home and life of humanWaking.

It has been a constant unfolding through experiments, play, concocting, growth, trust and lots of surrender! Everything feeling amplified on every level.

2017 has been the year of “1” and neurologically speaking represents beginnings. In order to fill a cup, it needs to be less than full. So alongside this feeling of amplification of everything and a stepping into the “new”, there has been a constant need to clear.

The clearing took many forms in my life. I experienced the loss of my dear father and his “clearing” from his physical suffering. I have found myself constantly clearing my space in order to make space for the new. The biggest and most important clearing for me has and continues to be the clearing of old patterns of behavior that do not serve me.

As my teacher reminds me, the one constant is that everything is always changing. I chose this new journey and stepped into my humanWaking as a result of waking up and feeling that any positive change that I wish to see in this world can only begin (and actually ends) with me. Everything certainly is changing and we are all feeling it in a big way. We have seen this globally politically, socially, environmentally and economically.

Despite the ease to fall into negativity, I have felt a phenomenal, heightened desire to break free and focus my attention on all levels on where life thrives.

It has been enormously challenging, but in such an empowering and positive way that I would not wish my life to be any different. And I am fully aware, that this is a very blessed thing to be able to say.

It has been through my humanWaking that I am learning how interconnected we all are to all of existence. This may sound somewhat esoteric, but I am going to voice it anyway. My experience has shown me that what I think has a direct effect of my reality.

What I think about myself, my life and everything that happens within it seems to be a mirror of my reality. Granted, I am a naturally “half glass full” kinda girl, but I also see that unless we all start to take full responsibility of how we are in the world, we become powerless and drop to the lowest denominator. We simply cannot afford to. Even if it has to be crisis that makes us responsive (responsible), then so be it, the time is NOW.

Ultimately the invitation is for us each to find our own way. Each one of us unique and has our own journey. My desire is to fully express all of who I am and to inspire other fellow humanWaking’s to do the same. It is in this place that we will thrive. We cannot love and nurture our Earth if we do not begin with showing ourselves the same love.

As I am surfing towards the end of this year, I have been reflecting on how wild, expansive, intense and also challenging 2017 has been. I find myself having moved from saying it’s a constant “dance” to “learning to ride this wave”.

All just words, but words really do have power and I am learning to try to choose them carefully.