One of the biggest inhibitors to well-being and contributors to dis-ease is stress. It messes with your body in so many ways, effecting digestion, elimination of toxins and sleep. There are numerous techniques and methods to help support us in life. We are all aware of many, yet they only work when you use them consistently. I am sharing a few that I use daily and without question have an enormous positive impact on my daily experience. 

Breath-work technique (there are 1000’s, I have chosen 1 to share) 

  1. Supplements – to help support you in times of stress 
  2. Hydration 
  3. Stalking your thoughts and energy management 
  4. Meditation


In the fullness of life, we all have one of the most powerful tools at our disposal to help calm and relax our parasympathetic system. 

Using your breath effectively helps clear and release tension that is residing in the body, lowers blood pressure, heart rate and manages stress. 

Although we are breathing all the time, it is an automatic and mostly unconscious activity. When we are stressed the chest tends to tighten and our breathing becomes shallow.  By practicing a different pattern to our breathing, changes the way we feel.

Bringing attention and intention into your breath can show you immediately exactly where that tension is being held. By having that awareness, you are able to breathe into those spaces, imaging that your breath is travelling into that tight space within the body, releasing it and letting go.

Breathing intentionally and deeply is a practice that can be done at any time and throughout the day.

It takes less that five minutes to bring you into relative calmness. 

There are numerous different breathing techniques all of which are equally valuable. 

The one that I have chosen of many brilliant techniques (all of which are so effective) is the 4-7-8 method by Dr Weil


Breath in through your nose quietly for 4, hold your breath for a count 7 and exhale with force to count of 8 through your mouth.

Repeat for 4 cycles in beginning and then build to 8 cycles after a month and no more

At least x2 a day and must be consistent

Will see a noticeable difference in six weeks in reduced blood pressure, improved digestion and lowered heart rate.



Conscious breathing has helped me tremendously, so much so that if I find my mind taking over when I want to go to sleep at night, I only need follow a deep breathing process and within a few minutes the focus on my breath releases my thoughts and I start to sink into deep relaxation and sleep.

Don’t underestimate the power of your own healing body. Breathing is free and there is no health risk attached. The only requirement is intention and commitment to consistent practice.

SUPPLEMENTS The three suggested remedies/supplements are natural, effective and non-addictive.

Sceletium – Is a succulent plant that is native to Southern Africa and one that should be brought into every garden if you can source it. It is regarded as one of the most effective medicinal plants for emotional and mental wellness in the world. It has a calming effect, integrates body mind and can be used in tablet, powder or tea form.

Ashwaganda – A powerful Ayurvedic herb also used as a nerve tonic. It has many uses beyond stress including reducing anxiety, insomnia, inflammation, hormonal balance, stabilizes blood sugar, joint pain and the list goes on. Consumed in powder or pill form.

Rescue Remedy – A Bach remedy, these herbal drops last a long time and bring immediate calming effect when in shock or when experiencing anxiety or stress.


Your body is made up of 70% water. Most people do not drink enough water throughout the day. Keeping yourself hydrated is vital for overall body functioning. When you are tired, have a headache, not feeling motivated, drink a glass or two of water. You will be amazed at how it lifts the mind and body. How much varies but the general rule is about 2lt per adult a day. If you want to calm yourself, avoid caffeinated drinks.


Become the observer of your thoughts, words and those of the people around you. In any moment you can choose to transform a negative thought into a positive one. What you think is what you ultimately put out into the world. “Our thoughts create things”. This is a constant practice that really can help reduce stress. It links to gratitude in learning to focus on what is positive and good in your life.


Find at least 10 minutes everyday to find stillness and focusing on your breathe to help shift away from your mind. There are sitting, lying even walking meditations. There are 1000’s to access on line. Meditation is an incredibly powerful practice to bring you into a calm peaceful state.


Check out Lance Pye who shares a fantastic Qigong method