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I have heard people say many different things about meditation some of which may sound a bit like; “meditation is not for me”, or “there is no way you could get me to sit still for more than 5 minutes!” Or how about, “My mind is way too active to meditate.” The best one of all and my past reason, “I don’t have the time.”

We all have different ideas of what meditation is and who it is best suited for. Having practiced meditation for over 30 years on and off, learning so many different techniques it has only been in the more recent chapter of my life that I have shifted into a different relationship with this ancient practice that for all intense and purposes is a key to unlock our highest potential and expression.

Our day-to-day life keeps us locked into the material and physical experiences of what it is to be human. All our experiences are connected to our senses. What we see, feel, hear, taste, and think collectively inform our experiences in every moment. Our habits and programs are all interwoven into what we believe and how we identify ourselves in the world. 

When you stop, even for a moment between all that continuous (and mostly repetitive) thinking, have you ever considered that we are not our thoughts but rather the thinker of our thoughts. 

We are more than our stories and although deeply entrenched in all our habits and behaviour, there is something more to who we are.

This leads us to the continuous unfolding of our unique experience. The way in which we can know one thought from the next is a space that comes between them. Without a space, our thoughts would be on top of one another, and we would not be able to distinguish one thought from the next. 

 The question is, what is between these thoughts? There must be a space. We call this space “the gap”.  Within this gap is stillness. No-thing and everything. This space or gap is infinite possibilities. 

There are literally infinite possibilities between one thought and the next. By creating more space between our thoughts, we can shift out of our mind and into an expanded space of being. It is in this space beyond our mind that we receive inspiration, new perspectives, clarity, lightness, and inner peace. It is here where we fully meet the truth of who we are.

Whatever experience you have had, without the knowledge combined with experience, meditation remains an abstract concept that other people do.


  1. When you meditate you must not have thoughts – We don’t meditate to stop thinking but rather to expand the space between our thoughts
  2.  You need to be rigid and practiced at sitting in a certain way to meditate – You should sit upright to stay awake, however you don’t need to sit with your legs crossed in lotus position to meditate, just be comfortable.    
  3. Meditation must be practiced in a special place and always the same place – If you have 5 minutes in your car, instead of rushing to your device, close your eyes and spend those 5- or 10-minutes breathing consciously and connecting to You beyond the doing.
  4. Meditation is not for everyone – If you are human and have a constant thinking mind, it is for you too. Meditation is the practice of moving from activity to stillness.
  5. Sometimes I have a good meditation and sometimes bad – The benefits are not experienced in the meditation but rather in how you experience your day because of meditating
  6. Meditating is too hard –  Learning to meditate is so easy, it is our resistance to consistently step into a routine and surrender ourselves to being that is our challenge

Our world today more than ever keeps us locked in the habit patterns of our minds. Constantly distracted and outwardly focused. If you long for more stillness and inner peace, meditation is probably the most powerful and impactful tool to incorporate into your everyday life. Once you learn how, it is freely available to you at any place or time.

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