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What does winter mean to you?

The idea of winter invites us to slow down and turn inward, encouraging us to hold a quieter space and enjoy hibernating and resting.

Is this what winter has meant for you or, like me, has life been moving at a pace that slows down for no season!

This half way mark in the year is a great time to pause, reflect and restore. With the birthing of humanWaking, slowing down has not been part of my experience. Yet I have found myself very consciously checking in on all aspects of Me; body, heart, Spirit and mind and exploring ways in which I can feel aligned and connected to my personal truth.

On reflection, the biggest theme that keeps returning to me, is a question around values and exploring questions like:

  1. What do I most value?
  2. How does my life reflect the values I uphold the most?
  3. What changes can I make to align myself to those values?
  4. How can I incorporate those values into each aspect of my being – body, mind, spirit and heart?

This Winter I invite you to consider your values. To use this more introspective period to reflect on what your life currently looks like, where you are not feeling aligned to that which you value most, and what action you can bring into your life to bring you into a closer alignment.

I am delighted to share this link to an insightful, free values quiz that is another tool a friend shared to explore my current values. It is called “Life Values Inventory-Values Clarification Program