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You are amazing

A sharing from one fellow humanWaking to another…

You are amazing – did you know that? My humanWaking is a journey to Self, and by this I mean learning about the multi-dimensional aspect of who I am and what it means to inhabit a body. To be alive is such a precious gift, one that most of us take for granted – not only one day to the next, but moment by moment. When I slow down and consciously breathe, I become more aware. This awareness enters that opens me to my connection to all of life around me.

How I care for myself is in a directly related to my outer world. I am a microcosm of the macrocosm (a mini version, if you like, of what I experience outside of myself). It is becoming clearer to me that this connection that I hold with all other life is not metaphorical, but quite literal.

Consider your life and what you experience in different states of being? When you are open hearted, non-judgmental and accepting of a circumstance, person or situation, the “feedback” (i.e. what is fed back to you) is positive, affirming and open hearted.

Breathe in oxygen, breathe in life force, energy and exhale love. This has become my breathing mantra – a mantra of action rather than words. I invite you to take a deep breath in, with the awareness that the depth and intention of your breath has the capacity to not only feed your lungs but every cell in your body. With the same awareness exhale intentionally – releasing love, openness, clarity and any qualities you choose that are life-affirming. You can quite literally breathe your intention of being into the world.

We are co-creators on the subtlest level, yet we negate our own power by simply not standing in it. This choice is one we make and are fully responsible for making. Circumstances in our lives may present a picture where we appear to be out of “control” and have little choice. We hold this as our reality missing the fact that nothing stays the same and everything – including our circumstances – is constantly in motion and thus forever changing.

There is so much of life that one can say is a mystery, but the greatest mystery to me is why we so often give up our “gold”- why we look outside of ourselves for confirmation, acceptance, approval, and recognition of our lives rather than within. Is it something we once knew and have simply forgotten?

I was recently taught, “What you think of me is none of my business.” I love this because it speaks to the core of our own journey. What I am feeling, thinking, projecting is mine and only mine to own. What is yours and what you think of me belongs only to you.

Everything is energy. Thoughts, emotions, matter. All energy. So what we put out into the world is quite literally a mirror of ourselves. My humanWaking has been a journey from my head to my heart. In living from a more heart-centered place, I am beginning to take responsibility of all of who I am and all of what I put out into the world. 

Every aspect that makes me, Me, is in constant motion towards harmony, peace and love. True self-love means acknowledging, honouring and respecting each and every part of myself.

As I practice this, I understanding how I reflect those qualities and that energy out into the world around me. It absolutely begins and ends with me, in the same way that it does with you. We each have the capacity to transmute a situation, experience and outcome because all of it is energy.

All of nature and all of life on this planet are specialists with the exception of human beings. Our species by our nature are generalists. A lion that only does “lion“ is unlike a person who can tap into and express so many different multi-dimensional aspects, all of which are a part of who that individual is.

Honoring the uniqueness of who we each are and loving more of what we do best and DOING IT, brings each of us closer to healing the threads that together make up the web of life.










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  1. Judy Florian

    I love your articles Mandy, they are so inspiring. I wish we lived closer, as you are such an inspiration !!!!

    1. Mandy

      Dearest Judy

      It was so wonderful to hear from you and would love to Skype. Please send me your address and let us make a date!! Sending lots of love

    1. Mandy

      Hi Sanny
      Thank you and will get going as have lots to share. Thank you for the inspiration:)

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