Each and every one of us is an integral thread in the web of life. What we do, and how we live within it really does matter.

This magnificent planet on which we live does not need us, we need her and it is now our time to wake up. HumanWaking was birthed out of a passionate desire to co-create positive life affirming change in the world with the acknowledgement that it starts with Me. The change you will make, begins and ends with You.

This is a venture and a movement. Come join the evolution!

It is our differences which represent our uniqueness, and has the capacity, once activated, to contribute towards healing our planet. In finding each one of our unique voices we can come together to address our common ground. Our common ground is this planet, Earth. So, how can each of us find our way without being afraid, intimidated or over whelmed, but rather, inspired and activated to make a difference and thrive?

Desiring change and realizing that by actively stepping into all of who we are and were always meant to be, we become more empowered to co-create positive change and healthy Earth. I’ve included a few ideas below for shifting to a new way

As a mother, I have enjoyed creating a vegetable garden with my daughters. To delight in the life and abundance growing richly from the Earth has been a treasure for us. I erected a tipi in our suburban garden, and hold sacred ceremonies every full moon – deeply connecting with my growing kindred community and teaching my daughters the power of ritual, right in our back garden.

I have developed a nutritious, wholesome, activating superfood snack called AWAKE to act as a tangible tool to inspire others to live with kindness to both them and the Planet. From the carefully selected ingredients to the sustainable packaging, I’ve enjoyed consciously exploring how I can become, and encourage others to practice being, a conscious consumer.

I write articles for Longevity magazine on how connected our food, body, mind and spirit are. Here I give ideas on how to truly use food as the miracle it is, connecting us to the Earth.

All these things form part of the Human Waking platform I have created for you, my fellow Waking humans, to find inspiration, ideas, products, articles and tools to inspire you to join the evolution. While I am still at the beginning of my journey, my hope is that, through following it, you might feel inspired to make a difference on this planet in your unique way.

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