Gratitude Letter

Nothing happens in isolation as I am learning (remembering), simply because everything is connected. It has been an amazing unfolding of 2017 as a result of Divine intervention, guiding and supporting a process, whilst bringing like-minded and hearted souls together, connected to something bigger than ourselves. A desire for change. The irony, I am learning, is that the [...]

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2017 has been a big year and it seems that everyone I have spoken to has echoed the theme of “intensity” to whatever his or her life hold. It certainly has been the case in the lab, kitchen, home and life of humanWaking. It has been a constant unfolding through experiments, play, concocting, growth, trust and lots of [...]

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What does winter mean to you?

The idea of winter invites us to slow down and turn inward, encouraging us to hold a quieter space and enjoy hibernating and resting. Is this what winter has meant for you or, like me, has life been moving at a pace that slows down for no season! This half way mark in the year is a great [...]

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You are amazing

A sharing from one fellow humanWaking to another… You are amazing - did you know that? My humanWaking is a journey to Self, and by this I mean learning about the multi-dimensional aspect of who I am and what it means to inhabit a body. To be alive is such a precious gift, one that most of us take [...]

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Catch a wake up with a daily ginger shot

CATCH A WAKE UP WITH IMMUNE BOOSTING GINGER SHOTS INGREDIENTS   600g fresh ginger 400g fresh lemon or 4 lemons (if they are organic, don’t peel them) 200ml purified water (you can use more and this is optional) 4 heaped tsp powder turmeric or 24g fresh turmic x4 grinds of black pepper Juice [...]

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