As a constant consumer I regularly check in with myself on what, how and the quality of what I am consuming. From my purchases, thoughts, feelings, experiences, relationships, food and liquid. This is not something that I have always done; it has flowed from my humanWaking and me learning to listen to my inner wisdom.

Our interaction with food and the relationship we develop with it is not only a reflection of who we are (yes, you really are what you eat) but also a constant opportunity for realignment. Eating foods that are nutritious and beneficial to our body are not only supporting our physical being but also Spirit, heart and mind.

Have you ever considered that most of the food story today is entrenched in politics and economics. If we truly are what we eat, then the health of humanity and our Planet is a clear indicator that how and what we have been consuming is not only unsustainable but also detrimental to all of life.

As consumers, how and on what we spend our money determines which businesses thrive. You have a lot more power than you realise.

My father had a great wisdom that has always stuck with me. “Life is simple, we just complicate it.”

You don’t need to be a nutritionist to know that the less our food is tampered with, the better it is going to be for you.

I have witnessed in myself food really being medicine and an incredible tool to create connection to all of life.

We all intuitively know what we should or should not eat, but it is much harder stopping ones-self when that part of our self is switched off. I have experienced eating real food as a way of becoming more “switched on”.

So here are some gentle reminders (because you already know J) for tapping into your inner wisdom:

  • Desire – without desire to change, nothing ever does!
  • Intention – where your attention goes, everything flows
  • Be present – become the observer of you
  • Knowledge – choose knowledge to become empowered rather than overwhelmed. As a consumer, choose to make a difference and support businesses that are also waking up
  • Plan – schedule time to stock your cupboards, office and even your bag with healthy alternative snacks to ensure that there is less scope for the saboteur to enter. (See some ideas to get you inspired)
  • Question – what and how you are consuming. Look for better alternatives such as keeping folded fabric bags on hand so that you can actively support the global initiative to end plastic
  • Attitude – be kind to yourself and stay positive
  • Support – connect with like-minded people who will keep you motivated, inspired and supported
  • Action – only you can change You. Everything starts with a first step
  • Commitment
  • Last but not least, TRUST your intuition – it is always right

Make a start, I can guarantee you that the rewards will exceed your expectations.

The more I am able to be present, the more my awareness expands. Awareness is the starting point to break old, bad habits. Through it I find myself making decisions consciously as opposed to mechanically.

Connecting to ourselves on a deeper level gives us the opportunity to remember our connection to all of life around us where food can act as a constant reminder.

Let go of any added guilt or neurosis when you don’t get it right. Because bottom-line, that really does not serve you either. For now, tomorrow is another day.

Have you noticed that when our mind gets in the way, we are out of our flow and when we do get out of the way; space is created for inspiration to activate?

When we are inspired, we are more connected to our intuition (or gut feel), which is the inner wisdom that knows what is good for us, what we should or should not be doing. The more we use it, like any tool, the stronger the intuition becomes and the easier it is to action.

Life is a journey and ultimately a desirable end goal is to be eating consciously to the extent that food really does become our medicine.

I have learnt to be kind to myself along the way and always remind myself to start where I am, work with what I have and do the best that I can.